There are many talks about Volume Pills Reviews. The most often question asked:

Does volume pills increase semen quality and quantity?

Official websiteThe right answer is: Yes, it does!

In this article, you will find a complete review of volume pills, the results I got by using it, the list of ingredients and the benefits you can get.

Many men think that to have a big penis size is enough, but for others, semen volume and its quality is more important.

As for ladies, every woman would like to see her partner to ejaculate more than the average man does.

Actually, there is a belief that women tend to evaluate her partner love by the volume he ejaculates.

Semen Volume Increase?

semen volume increase fast

Generally, sperm quality and volume tend to represent the overall health status of the man.

So, women unconsciously understand sperm volume sign as male fertility and sexual productivity.

Although, many men are looking for a solution on how to increase semen volume.

There are not many methods and products on the market. In fact, there are many products that don’t work as they have to work.

There are many situations when man age and he faces certain issues with his sexual life.

I am not an old guy, but I had some difficulties in my sexual life.

I was desperate to find a way to deal with my issue.

What were my thoughts back then? You are right!

The first thing I thought about was Viagra. I thought it would help.

I am glad that I haven’t tried it!

My Story & Volume Pills

male enhancementI am Fred, 35 years old guys.

In my early 30’s  I had many issues with my sexual life, including erection dysfunction and decrease sperm volume.

I am a normal guy who tired of spending money on the products that don’t work!

Over the years, I have tried a lot of male enhancement products, most of them were crap. So, I decided to create a review type website and recommend the ones that tend to work and improve sexual performance.

Why should you listen to me?

Well, years ago I found many “review type articles” that basically talk about the product, but not about the actual results and the effect it provides. No real human experience, no evidence etc. As a result, I decided to share my experience and help you guys!

So, I am happy to share my experience in this Volume Pills Review and answer the most common questions you might have.

“What results I’ve got”, “What are the Pros and Cons”, “Volume Pills Side effects” ” Are they dangerous?” ” Do they work?” and many more facts and answers that will help you to decide and answer the main question. Do you need it or not?

Apart from my personal experience, I decided to write all the instructions and analyze the whole official website. So, you can read all the information in one place.

In general, Volume Pills is one of the products what I am thankful for.

What is Volume Pills?Volume pills reviews

What important information do you need to know in this sperm Volume Pills Review?

This product has an incredible reproductive system enhancing aspects. If you are thinking about how to stimulate a huge supply of semen, then the answer is that you have to stimulate the whole reproductive system to work perfectly.

Volume Pills acts as an enhancer for better quality and longer lasting erection experience. Additionally, the longer you take these pills the higher penis sensitivity you will have. As a result, the overall sex experience will be much longer and more pleasant.

Of course, there are many alternatives that you might think about. One of the most common that I mentioned before is Viagra. Viagra has a very similar effect that can be compared to Volume Pills and many other supplements. However, it is too dangerous to try.

The main difference you should know about is that Viagra works instantly, while Volume Pills take at least a couple of days to kick in.

You don’t want to wait? Well…

You should notice, Volume pills are safe, they work in a long run and has nearly none side effects. While Viagra is a too dangerous supplement to use.

How does it work then?

How Do Volume Pills Work?

How Does Volume Pills Works

Generally, the main purpose of Volume Pills is to increase the level of the semen production and semen volume in man testicles. It widely known fact that semen (sperm) is a particular form of liquid that is ejaculated when the brain sends a specific signal to testicles.

The sperm itself has a construction of two main elements. The main one is the liquid sperm that is located and produced in man testicles. The second element is stocked in the glans of the male reproductive system in form of extra fluid.

So, what is a normal volume of semen that man usually ejaculates? The number fluctuates from 3 to 5 ml per ejaculation is considered a high quantity of sperm.

However, if you think that these numbers are too high for you.  Then you have to increase the sperm volume.

How to change the semen volume quantity? Here is were Volume Pills come into play.

There are many processes in man testicles that Volume pills have to take control over. All these processes are going simultaneously, so only affecting all the elements at once can bring the results you are looking for.

Apart from main sperm production processes, few more processes are taken into consideration to affect overall sperm volume. These processes impact the effectiveness of blood flow and strength of penile muscles.

Blood flow is one of the main supporting processes that improves erection performance.

The level of strength of penile muscle contraction act as the main assistant for pushing higher loads of semen through the penile tube. As a result, the combination of all these processes provides more intensive sex performance, orgasm, and more significant feelings and pleasure.

Viagra vs Volume Pills

volume pills vs viagra

Visit Official Volume Pills Website

First, if you take Viagra there are so many side effects that can damage your health.

Secondly, it is a very expensive product to buy!

Thirdly, you will probably need a prescription from a doctor to buy it legally. Otherwise, buying counterfeits from shade pharmacy website is definitely not a good idea.

So, I decided to start looking.

I spend hours browsing the internet and after several trials, I found what I was looking for.

There are many semen enhancement pills on the market, I bought them all, but Volume Pills tend to be one of the best I ever tried.

I have read many reviews and forum posts on this product. All of them were recommending to try Volume Pills, and avoid Viagra and similar products.

The main question for me and other guys was, “Why it is so effective?“.

The main argument I found is that it has an extremely effective and reliable formula that is proven to work over and over again.

You might think, that’s another shiny review story of the product?

No, it’s not! Continue reading to see the real results…

My Volume Pills Results

My volume pills results

I was intended to run a 3 months course. I had to buy 180 pills (2 pills per day equals 90 days).

Month – 1

During the first 5 days, I haven’t seen any results. The only thing I was worried about was my girlfriend, as manufacture suggest to avoid sex for at least one week.

So, I decide to follow these recommendations and stick the plan.

One thing for sure, that week was a stress for both of us, as we had to avoid sex.

Fortunately, I told my girlfriend, that this is how it should be. “Just wait, and then you will joy all the pleasure“. So, both of us had to be patient.

On the 6th day, in the morning, I woke up with a GIANT erection.

I thought, “am I sleeping”. I don’t remember when I had similar morning erection.

Just one minute later I understood, why this was happening to me. All that was the effect of Volume Pills.

Well, I thought to myself, that this is it! I can wait no more. That the best time to have sex.

Luckily, my girlfriend was sleeping just next to me.  I couldn’t wait, so I woke her up and showed what I got.

I asked. “Let’s do it?

At first, she told me to wait one more day. So, what we did?

Right! We couldn’t hold the temptation. So, we went for it!

All I can say, that was an awesome experience!

Although, the first erection was around 3-4 minutes long.

On the other hand, during that performance that was the biggest semen volume I had ever ejaculated.

At least, the biggest load I ever ejaculated during the last few months.

Fortunately, that was Saturday, so we had plenty of time to have a good pleasure during the whole day. In fact, I remember 10 or even more squirts during that morning.

During the whole months, I decided to have sex once per 2-3 days. This way I had much bigger loads.

Results were awesome, and I was very happy with this product. I decided to continue and see what I will get during the second month.

Month – 2

We had a great sex experience during the first month. My girlfriend was fascinated by how many time I can do it.

I thought, that this is just a temporary experience and after the first 2-4 weeks it will come back to normal.

Well, I was wrong.

The second month was even more amazing than the first one. Every day I had a fantastic erection and I cum a least 6-8 squirts.

If for any reason, we had no sex for 2-3 days, I was able to squirt up to 12 times. Good results?

Maybe holding myself from having sex for a day or two was really a good way to have bigger loads? I think so.

Performance during the third months was similar to the second-month experience.

The third month was fantastic as each time I had a sexual activity I had a huge load of semen volume ejaculated.

After the visit to the doctor, he told me that my results are not typical. Actually, for some guys, it might take much longer to see these kinds of results.

Why results can differ? I think that relates to overall health status and many other things.

As an example: testosterone level, the food you eat, how long your rest etc.

My secret is, workout regularly and eat healthy food.

What next?

After three months experience of using Volume pills that I will have a short break and then continue using this supplement.

You might ask. Can I use it for longer than 3 months time?

Yes, you can, and you should if already saw you first results within first months of using this product.

Volume Pills Manufacturer

Volume pills are male enhancement product that is manufactured by Leading Edge Health company.

This company is based in the USA, so most of the stock they have is also in the USA.

What you need to know is that in this Leading Edge Health volume pills review company has over 15 years of manufacturing experience in the dietary industry.

All the products are produced strictly from natural ingredients as there are GMP control and standards.

Every single ingredient that is included in the composition of the product is fully tested and examined.

Furthermore, before taking certain ingredient into consideration, it has to be approved by several doctors in a dietary industry.

Otherwise, it might not be taken into account, as it might harm man health.

Please notice, that most of the products, including Volume pills can be taken without any prescription from your doctor.

This can help most of the people to save a lot of time from going to the doctor and making tests.

There is an official Volume Pills website that you can access any time and check all the information about the company and their products. Here is the link –

Volume Pills Ingredients

volume pills ingredients

  • Zinc

Volume pills contain 24 mg of zinc. That is more than the recommended daily dosage of zinc for men. The dosage of 10 to 15 mg per day, tend to be the most optimal and recommended. Although, increase the dosage of zinc helps the body to impact testicles for a higher volume of quality sperms. Many male enhancement supplements use zinc as one of the main ingredients as it has incredible effect curing male infertility. Although, the lack of zinc in man body might decrease testosterone level. As a result, the semen fluid production will be significantly decreased.

  • Ling Zhi

This is ingredient is also known as Reishi. It is widely used in national medicine in China, Japan and the rest of the countries in Asia. It is usually used to fight stress issues, improve immune system performance and strengthen overall health. Also, it is a good aid to enhance sexual attraction.

  • Drizilizen and Soldilin

Both of these ingredients are trademarks of the manufacturer. Drilizen is a good ingredient to increase nitric oxide level in men body. This results in better blood flow and increased size of a blood vessel for better erection. Soldilin influence brain to generate more dopamine. As a result, a high concentration of dopamine impacts our body to have higher sensitivity while having sex.

  • Emblica Officinalis

Emblica Officinalis is also known as an Indian gooseberry or “amla”. Basically, this ingredients has a high concentration of different vitamins and minerals. Of course, the main vitamin is Vitamin C. It can be categorized as a herb that widely used in Pakistan and Indian medicine. In medicine is used to cure cancer. Besides medical use, it is a great influencing aid for better semen production.

  • Fucus Vesiculosus

This ingredient is very valuable for the high concentration of iodine. As a result, this a perfect aid to deal with goiter and many other thyroid-related issues. Additionally, is a good ingredient to lose weight. Excessive weight is one of the main factors that directly impact testosterone level in a men body. More weight equals lower testosterone level.

  • Hong Hua Fen

This ingredient is also known as Carthamus Tinctorius. Basically, it is a safflower that is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. The main effect that you can get with this ingredient is a significant increase in sperm count. All the aspects of sperm quality, motility, sperm structure, and fluid volume increases.

  • Rou Gui

It is a plant that mostly grows in China. Usually, it is used for a tea, but in some cases, it is used in pharmaceutics for creams. The main function of this ingredient is to deal with premature ejaculation issues.

  • Tin Men Dong

This is a root that grows in Asia. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is used as an aid to increase blood flow, expand blood vessels and be an essential booster for erection.

  • Xian Mao

This ingredient is known from ancient times that was originally found in China. It is also known as a Curculigo Rhizome aphrodisiac. There are many types of research made on this herb, some are still going. Most of the conducted that this ingredient has a great function of dealing with impotence issues and premature ejaculation problems.

  • Dong Ching Xia Cao

The perfect treat from erectile dysfunction issues. It is widely known in traditional northeast Indian provinces of Sikkim. There many reports about this ingredient. Most of them state that it is a great libido enhancer both for men and for women.

  • Ku Gua

This ingredient is also known as bitter melon (Momordica charantia). It is a natural weight decreasing ingredient. As weight directly impacts testosterone level, the less weight man has, the high testosterone level will be in his blood. Unfortunately, only certain amount of dosage should be consumed by men, as there is a side effect. The side effect can be only seen when too much of this ingredient is consumed, and it is a decline in sperm quality.

  • 4′,5,7 – thrihydroxyflavone

Basically, it is a group of natural compounds (flavonoid) it is constructed from many parts. Also, it is known as  “apigenin“. Results of several studies conducted, that thrihudroxyflavone effect aging Leydig cells in testicles of mice. So, boosts testosterone level production.  Also, the function of flavonoid is to affect cancer cells, inflammation, and destructive oxidation, making our health level much better.

  • San Guo Mu

This ingredient is widely used in traditional Indian medicine. Most of the time it helps to treat issues such as chest pains and high blood pressure. Fluctuation of blood pressure directly impacts erectile functioning. By stabilizing blood pressure, you can prevent and cure symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Why Use Volume Pills?

why should you try volume pills

I had 3 months experience of using Volume Pills. I think that I am qualified to share my knowledge and what you should expect from them.

  • Ejaculation Volume

Increase in your ejaculate volume for up to 500%. Before I first started taking Volume pills I got a very small amount of squirts (2-3). However, after taking these pills for some time I have noticed that I can have up to 8-10 squirts. Basically, the manufacturer describes their product in a way what it really does.

500% ejaculation volume, is just about right!

  • Orgasm Experience

As you have higher ejaculation volume you will experience more intensive, pleasurable and overall much better sex quality.

So, you will see the transition from the words “What it just was?” to “That’s was awesome!”. That’s how orgasm experience will change.

  • Erection Frequency

If in the past you had difficulties with your erection, and your partner kept telling you “That’s it?”. With Volume Pills, you will show who is the boss and you will decide when to finish.

  • Penis Size Increase

This supplement tends to help your erection quality, but not your penis size. Anyway, with these kinds of results, you got with a high amount of sperm volume, yourself and your partner’s experience will significantly improve.

  • Energized!

The combination of ingredients that are included in the formula tends to help improve your ejaculation volume. However, some ingredients improve your overall well-being. Basically, making you more energized and fresh.

  • Success Rate

This supplement tends to work in a long run. So, if you planning to try it. Make sure you are patient enough to see the results. As for me, I had to wait almost a week to see the results I got.

Notice that we all are different. Sometimes it might take less time and sometimes a more time to notice the effect. Stay concentrated and motivated, and you will see it! Don’t think that if you tried this supplement for 1-3 days, it is a scam and it doesn’t work.

The success rate is 89%. Basically, 9 out of 10 men discover the power of this supplement.

Pros & Cons of Volume Pills

Volume Pills Pros


  • After analyzing the majority of reviews and testimonials there are mostly positive talks about Volume Pills.
  • All the ingredients are natural. The formula is combined in a way to bring the best results for those who use this supplement.
  • Free Bonuses. If you decide to buy a 3-months supply, you will receive free bonuses.
  • Well packed. When you receive a product, you will notice that it is very well packed.
  • No prescription required. You don’t have to your time going to the doctor, as Volume Pills can be accessed without any prescription.
  • 67-day Money Back Guarantee. Like any other supplement on the market, you can without a hassle return the product.


  • 13 out of 14 ingredients have no specific level indication. Basically, there is information only about the zinc. This an important drawback, as some ingredients might cause some side effects. Although, the reason that there is no information is that the company protects their product from copying.
  • 12 out of 14 ingredients names are written in Chinese. For some people difficult to analyze certain ingredient as the names are written not in a common language.
  • The effect of Volume Pills on semen volume is long term, but not permanent. Actually, many products on the market have an instant or long duration effect. Usually, when you stop using the supplement, the effect gradually decreases till reach the point where you were starting.
  • Online Purchase. The manufacturer protects their product, so the only way to buy a legit Volume Pills is from the official website. All the third party selling platform might be selling counterfeits.

Side Effects – Volume Pills

volume pills side effects

There are many different ingredients in the formula that you might worry about. Every single ingredient might have a different effect on man health, allergy reaction or something else.

So, do you need to worry about Volume Side Effects?

To clarify things. There are no supplements that are completely made from all the natural elements.

Here and there, might be certain ingredients that might be not written on the information box.

In some cases, certain ingredients might have small or mild side-effects, as for Volume Pills, there is a chance that it will be the cause of baldness or acne.

Generally, the main reason is the rising level of testosterone.

Although, you should consider the fact that side-effect is a process which relates to one from hundred or one from a thousand people who use the supplement.

Of course, there are people who have a certain medical condition that should not buy this kind of supplements with proper consultation with the doctor. As an example, guys who have high blood pressure must consider, that this supplement increases blood pressure and expand blood vessels.

Despite the fact that every company wants to sell their products. There must be full transparency about the structure, side-effect, and possible results. Even though, Volume pills provide huge benefits for guys who are looking for a solution on how to increase their semen volume and semen quality.

How To Take

The recommended dosage is 2 pills per day. Take one pill in the morning and the second one at the night (just before the sleep). Make sure to drink enough water with pill consumption.

Additional pills are not recommended, but if you would decide, make sure that you take no more than 6 within 24 hours period.

Manufacturer recommends avoiding sex and masturbation for the first 7 days. This way you will get extremely good results.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

After analyzing a lot of reviews and testimonials I found certain group questions that people ask about the product. I had these type of questions when I first bought the product. So, I want to provide a shortcut for you and try to answer the most frequent question here.

How Often Should I Use Volume Pills?

The manufacturer recommends consuming 2 tablets per day. From my personal experience, I would suggest consuming tablets in the morning, or a few hours before sex.

What Are The Precautions?

Volume Pills is made for adult guys only. Basically, for everyone who is over 18 years old. The best way to use it is to stick to the recommended dosage.

How Long It Takes Before I Notice First Results?

The minimum recommended using period is 60 days (2 months) to see all the possible benefits from the product. As for short-term improvements, you should notice within the first week, or within the second week of use.

Are They Safe?

The formula is made of natural ingredients that provide the user with amazing results without any danger to health.


Volume pills results

Volume Pills are definitely effective in enhancing semen volume.

These pills create an incredible impulse to ejaculate huge volumes and experience intensifying orgasms.

Unfortunately, the effect is not instant, so to see significant changes you have to be patient till the first powerful sign will be noticed.

Most of the guys who tried this supplement say that the first gains appear in around two weeks from the start of using it.

From my personal experience, I got my first results, after the first week of using it.

The interesting factor to mention, that when a guy ejaculates second time within the first hour, the semen is mostly watery.

However, if you use Volume Pills the second ejaculation will be as thick as the first one.

Volume Pills were made to directly influence the semen volume. Although, some guys think that it can enlarge penis size, treat erectile dysfunction or prevent premature ejaculation.

To deal with these issues, you have to look for different supplements. As an example, you can use Male Extra or VigRx.

All in all, this is an impressive product that literally changes men lives. I had an amazing experience using it, so I do suggest to try it.

Unless you don’t want to have better ejaculation volume and strength. With a 67-days money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

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