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About Penis Enlargement Methods

Find out which penis enlargement methods really work!

If you're looking for the best method for enlarging your penis, you will have to get a good understanding about how the various methods and programs work. You'll also need to know the reasons why some of them don't work.

Generally, five methods of penis enlargement dominate the market. They include:

But you need to understand something about penile physiology and anatomy before we talk about the pros and cons of the above methods.

There are three primary areas that compose the penis. They include the smaller chamber called the lower Corpus Spongisum (which facilitates ejaculation and urination), and two upper chambers known as the Corpora Cavernosa, where the body retains about 90% of the blood during an erection. The girth and length of the penis are controlled by these chambers.

Penis Anatomy

The size of the Corpora Cavernosa must be developed if you want to enhance the size of your penis. You can achieve this with targeted exercises (like those provided by PenisHealth). You can also stimulate growth with herbal products like VigRXPlus, MaleExtra and ProSolution Pills.

There are many other ways to develop the Corpora Cavernosa, but some of them could result in dangerous side effects, which will be described later.


One of the most natural ways to penis enhancement is through exercises. The only problem here is that some exercises could be dangerous, and all of them are not effective. For some of these programs, there is little research involved, and many of them are not based on a sound understanding of the male anatomy. And not much of this research received any input from medical professionals.

That's why, of all the programs on the market, we recommend the PenisHealth and Erection Fitness Program, because these programs give you more options and more control over your manual exercises. In order for your enlargement exercise program to work properly, and to avoid injury to yourself, you must follow a program that is proven and well respected.

You've heard the saying that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And that's a true statement. So be sure you get information that is both safe and reliable. Just remember that the secret to a larger penis is to be consistent with your exercise program. Just start slow and gradually build into the program for the best results for a thicker and longer penis. You'll have to be dedicated and patient, and do your exercises one or two times daily for a few weeks.

Herbal Formulas

Medically EndorsedHerbal formulas develop the Corpora Cavernosa (and the penis) by enhancing blood flow to these chambers. And that helps to expand tissues of the wall, which leads to healthy cell growth inside the chamber walls. Penis enhancement pills give you fast results. You don't have time to spend hours doing exercises, nor do you need expensive equipment in order to attain a larger and longer penis. The only thing you need is a pill per day to get the instant results you need.

However, this method does have one drawback.

In reality, most of the male sex enhancement pills on the market simply don't work. Many companies continue to manufacture pills that do nothing to enhance the thickness or length of your penis. Neither do they do anything for your performance in bed.

If you're seeking an effective penis enlargement pill, you should get one that is endorsed by doctors. And choose one that includes ingredients that are proven in laboratory tests and comes with a strong guarantee and refund policy (which means you can return it if it does not perform). This is the only way you can know for sure if you are buying from a company that's reputable and makes a legitimate product. We know of four herbal penis enlargement companies who deliver on their promises. They are MaleExtra, ProSolutionPills, VitaliKOR and VigRX Plus.

The product that leads the industry when it comes to male enhancement products that are all natural is VigRX Plus. This product contains a formula that is doctor-approved and contains proven medical and herbal ingredients that contain Bioprene. Bioprene has been tested and proven to enhance nutrient absorption rates in U.S. Clinical Studies.

ProSolutionPills, which have been featured in Maxim magazine and developed over two-years, has only natural ingredients that have been recommended by medical doctors. Users of ProSolutionPills report excellent results with penis enhancement as well as more powerful orgasms and fewer problems with premature ejaculation.

Pumps, Weights and Traction Devices

Traction devices, pumps and weights operate on the idea that if you stretch body tissue for a long period of time, it will eventually retain the newly stretched length. There are numerous penis extension devices on the market. Many of them work. And you'll start seeing results in just a few weeks if you're willing to dedicate the effort and time it takes to use them properly.

Just be sure you get the best device available, like the SizeGenetics or ProExtender. You must also be persistent. You're not going to get the results you're seeking unless you're using it every day for a few weeks. We strongly urge you not to use the weights.


Penis augmentation, as is true with all surgery, includes many drawbacks, including pain, high cost, surgical complication and botched surgery risks, and recovery time after surgery. Because there are easy, natural and financially affordable solutions available today, it is our recommendation that you choose an alternative to any method that includes surgery.

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